Mrs D encourages students, builds their self esteem, and is a sweetheart. She loves all the kids and even knows everyone’s name. Money worth invested. Happy Babies, Happy Mama. Excellent studio where your child will be encouraged to perform to their fullest potential!

Lisa Mcghee

I love what you’re helping the girls achieve, good job.

Gloria Brunson

This is my daughter’s first year at Broadway Performing Arts and she absolutely LOVES it!!! It was supposed to be just for Summer camp, but  BPA has such a great program for young girls, it was hard to leave. Broadway Performing Arts just doesn’t teach the girls dance and tumbling, but it inspires them to be the BEST in everything.

“Kimberly Prophet”

Broadway performing arts center in Stockbridge, GA is a great place for your child to learn and grow into an excellent dancing machine.  It does not matter the child’s size or ability to dance.  Jordan has always been concerned about her weight and thought that she couldn’t do a lot of things that she actually can do.  Broadway provided the environment for girls to build confidence in themselves and the belief that they can do anything they put their minds to with hard work, time, and a great support system, it can be accomplished.  I truly thank the staff at Broadway for starting this company and having a place for my child to express herself through the arts.  Thanks.

“J Womack”

I thank Broadway Performing Arts Dance and your family soooo much!! For vision! For passion! For execution!!! Liyah is still dancing!!! I guess she said what bedtime? She’s still on her performance high! Praying for increase because I definitely want them in more than one class next year! This baby has dancing before she could crawl efficiently!!! But I know she certainly enjoys herself every Monday! Again I thank you! She’s still beaming, singing, and dancing!